• Graphic Development: Welcome to Yokishop

    Here at Yokishop, we are always trying to find better ways of communicating our ethos to our customers. With this latest art, we tried to capture ,the feeling you get when you walk into the store, into a tshirt.

    Of course we had to start with the Pelican.

    We got into the whole lettering craze so we had a go at doing an abstract pelican built from words.

    We oranged up the beak. We liked the feeling of the words but aesthetically it wasn't doing it for us.

    So we tried going a bit more literal

    for the next

    few ones. But something was still off. Then we thought, let's go back to the source. That original pelican.

    It's an ode to Keith Haring painting his thick lines onto Graces Jones. We're stoked with it and that's why we decided to slap it on a tee.

    Here's the talented Katie, prepping a blank tee to be printed on at Ink & Think, located less than 5 minutes away from our shop!

    Watch that pelican appear magically on the tee!

    The ink is still smudge-able at this point so we have to put it on this conveyor belt where it will be transported into a tunnel that's 800 degrees hot to set the ink!

    The extremely high temperature sets the ink so now it can be worn and washed without losing it's color. Stayed tuned to find out when this guy will be selling in our store!

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