• Yoki Deconstructs x Levi's x Hypebeast

    Jeff Yokoyama Deconstructs Levi’s in New Collection

    September 2, 2016

    Levi’s Eureka Lab is cooking up another innovative denim collaboration, this time with streetwear pioneer Jeffrey “Yoki” Yokoyama.

    Revealed on the brand’s Unzipped blog, Yokoyama discusses the art of crafting denim he calls mottainai, a Japanese phrase meaning “to use the whole fish.”

    With this metaphor for sustainability and re-use in mind, Yokoyama, owner of Yokishop, a boutique in Newport Beach, Cali., crafted repurposed pairs of Levi’s using salvaged denim pieces.

    Using “the whole fish,” Yokoyama mixed pockets, rivets and stitches from vintage 501 jeans. The final result was a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship that features an upside down back pocket and contrasting light and dark wash denim. 

    “Eureka embodies old meets new. It is science and it’s tradition. It’s artisan craftsmanship and then it’s absolutely cutting edge technology and cutting edge chemistry,” said Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s SVP of global design, in an interview with Hypebeast. “We’ve always got one foot planted in our history and we’re using that foot to push off into the future.”

  • Yokishop - Handmade and Repurposed Clothing

    For your viewing pleasure - come visit us and let us share the story with you so you can be part of the history as well...


  • New Year, New Beginning... Plus, the Wall

    It's a New Year and we've decided that it's time to bring back the flavor...

    So Yokishop has now moved 2 doors south so we welcome everyone to swing by and check us out NOW! The dazzling gear will always be rolling in and new pieces are added weekly but come be part of the story... 

    Most supporters have heard the storyline to some degree but now you can actually experience it and see how everything continues to unfold through the addition of the Wall - (G)ather, (A)bundance, (R)epurpose, (D)emonstrate, (E)thos and (N)ow come see it and take a picture with it to spread awareness...

    The maestro is prepping his shots...

    And good people helping good people...

  • Graphic Development: Welcome to Yokishop

    Here at Yokishop, we are always trying to find better ways of communicating our ethos to our customers. With this latest art, we tried to capture ,the feeling you get when you walk into the store, into a tshirt.

    Of course we had to start with the Pelican.

    We got into the whole lettering craze so we had a go at doing an abstract pelican built from words.

    We oranged up the beak. We liked the feeling of the words but aesthetically it wasn't doing it for us.

    So we tried going a bit more literal

    for the next

    few ones. But something was still off. Then we thought, let's go back to the source. That original pelican.

    It's an ode to Keith Haring painting his thick lines onto Graces Jones. We're stoked with it and that's why we decided to slap it on a tee.

    Here's the talented Katie, prepping a blank tee to be printed on at Ink & Think, located less than 5 minutes away from our shop!

    Watch that pelican appear magically on the tee!

    The ink is still smudge-able at this point so we have to put it on this conveyor belt where it will be transported into a tunnel that's 800 degrees hot to set the ink!

    The extremely high temperature sets the ink so now it can be worn and washed without losing it's color. Stayed tuned to find out when this guy will be selling in our store!

  • New Mucho Aloha Window Painting

    For the new window artwork, we wanted to give the feeling of Mucho Aloha without the use of logos or words. We thought that doing a "bad" Hawaiian themed painting that you'd find in a garage sale would be perfect. For the next 3 days, we got to work and dug deep to figure out how to paint.

    Marking off the border.

    Marking off the Palm Tree.

    The beak of a kiwi as it lies on the beach.

    Kiwi beak from the back.

    The first attempt at leaves.

    Thicker bigger leaves.

    Painting finished, time for the border.

    Just kidding, it wasn't good enough. Let's start again!

    Kiwi beak #2.

    Dang look at that maturity in painting style.

    Now let's add that border.

    Gold border.

    Gold frame with dimension.

    Gold frame with engravings and added highlights to the leaves. That's a wrap!

    Come on by and check out the super cool painting in person as well as the awesome stuff we sell within!

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