• New Mucho Aloha Window Painting

    For the new window artwork, we wanted to give the feeling of Mucho Aloha without the use of logos or words. We thought that doing a "bad" Hawaiian themed painting that you'd find in a garage sale would be perfect. For the next 3 days, we got to work and dug deep to figure out how to paint.

    Marking off the border.

    Marking off the Palm Tree.

    The beak of a kiwi as it lies on the beach.

    Kiwi beak from the back.

    The first attempt at leaves.

    Thicker bigger leaves.

    Painting finished, time for the border.

    Just kidding, it wasn't good enough. Let's start again!

    Kiwi beak #2.

    Dang look at that maturity in painting style.

    Now let's add that border.

    Gold border.

    Gold frame with dimension.

    Gold frame with engravings and added highlights to the leaves. That's a wrap!

    Come on by and check out the super cool painting in person as well as the awesome stuff we sell within!

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